ALACRIS Dual Pump Food Vacuum Sealer 5 Mode Automatic Food Packing Machine Film Sealer Vacuum Packer With 15pcs Food Vacuum Bags

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We will send adapter plug according to order country, you also can tell me which plug you want.

ALACRIS vacuum sealer, automatic air vacuum system with dual powerful pump design、LED indicator、7mm wide sealing strip、starter kit、5 modes、3 adjustable temperature modes for dry and wet food preservation

“Dry VAC” and “Wet VAC” buttons are automatic vacuum sealing buttons, under Dry VAC function, two clicks to achieve fast vacuuming.

NOTE: The “VAC” button on the operation panel is a manual vacuum button, you can long press this button to control the vacuum level you want, and then click the “SEAL” button to seal bags.

Product Feature:

🥑【【Fresh sealing】: This vacuum sealing machine has 145W high power, strong suction power, 7mm wide body heating wire, and better sealing effect. The maximum sealing size is 31.5CM, and the bag can be sealed wider. Effectively prolong the preservation time of food and preserve the freshness and taste of food.
🦐【Simple operation】:Equipped with cutter, single and double pump vacuum and dry and wet vacuum mode and sealing device, all the functions you need are included. Just touch the corresponding button, you can achieve one-button vacuum sealing, no need to select another button.
🥝【5 Functional Modes】This machine is equipped with 5 functional modes: automatic dry/wet mode, seal only mode, manual vacuum mode and external vacuum mode, suitable for meat, fish, fruits and vegetables, snacks, etc.
🥦【3-level temperature control】: ALACRIS vacuum sealing machine has three adjustable sealing temperatures of low temperature, standard and high temperature. You can adjust the sealing temperature according to different sealing needs; at the same time, the adjustable sealing temperature also makes the sealing operation safer
🥩【Detachable base】: The design of the detachable flushing base prevents liquid from entering the inside of the machine during use and causing damage to the circuit board. And it is convenient to clean the food residue and liquid that leaked during the sealing process after use.

Product Specification:

Adapter Plug: EU plug、US plug、UK plug、AU plug
Supply voltage:AC100-240V/50-60Hz
Rate Power: 145W
Heat seal length: 31.5cm/12.4″ in
Heating wire element width: 7mm
Temperature Control Mode:Low / Standard / High
Heating Wire Voltage: DC 14V
Vacuum Degree : Dry / -60KPA Wet / -35KPA
Vacuum Speed : Single pump=4 liters/min, Double pump=8 liters/min
Overheat protection:Yes
External vacuum system:Yes
Product dimensions:360mm x 120mm x 50mm

Package List:

1 X Vacuum Sealing Machine
15 X Food Vacuum Bags (20×25 cm)
1 X External Vacuum Hose
1 X User Manual


Tip 1:There is a protective film on the surface of the machine to prevent scratches.
Tip 2:Make sure the mouth of bag is placed in the right position-vacuum chamber.
Tip 3:Please do not put too much food in the vacuum bag.(leaving 8-10mm for sealing)

Warm Note:

1. Vacuum bag with lines or folded edge must be used for vacuum sealing. Ordinary smooth bag can't vacuum but only for sealing operation.
2. Don’t pour liquid into the bag when vacuum sealing, otherwise the machine might be damaged.
3. Don't vacuum seal sharp objects, or it may puncture the plastic bag and cause air leakage after vacuum.
4. For foods with pungent smell and can be fermented, please dry them before vacuum sealing, otherwise expansion of bag may occur after vacuum.
5. For continuous vacuum and sealing operation, if the interval is not more than 40 S, the overheat protection of the machine will be triggered after 5 times usage. The 3 LEDs will flash, and the machine will stop working. At this time, you must wait for 1 min to use again.
6. After the completion of the work, the upper cover must be opened to take out the plastic bag. Please do not fasten the top cover for daily storage, otherwise the sealing tampon will deform under long-term pressure, resulting in poor air tightness during vacuum.
7. Don't forcibly pull out the plastic bag before the upper cover is opened, otherwise the sealing ring and sealing rubber will be deformed and displaced, causing damage to the machine.

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