Electric Heater Portable Heater Plug in Wall Room Heating Stove Mini Household Radiator Remote Warmer Machine Winter 220V/110V

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Electric Heater Portable Heater Plug in Wall Room Heating Stove Mini Household Radiator Remote Warmer Machine Winter 220V/110V


Super protable and convenient to use this fan heater for winter !

Metal grid design: high temperature resistant fine grid design, heat dissipation faster and safer.

Fan blade air flow design: larger warm air, faster air convection and higher heat conversion.


1. PTC ceramic heating body : it has no open fire, low working temperature, self-control constant temperature function, long service life, high efficiency and energy saving, quiet work and no noise.

2. Built-in constant temperature control system: When the room temperature reaches the set temperature, the machine automatically sleeps, and the room temperature is lower than the set temperature and resumes work to prevent overheating, save energy and save electricity.

3. Intelligent temperature control: double protection temperature control system + overheat protection, right to protect your safety.

4. Low noise and no light: Quiet sleep, feel quiet breathing anytime and anywhere, without light to keep warm, no eye damage, children and the elderly can use it carefree.

5. LED temperature display: temperature display allows you to accurately grasp the indoor temperature.

Warm Air Blower Feature:

Rated voltage: 220V
Power: 500W
Color: White
Gear position: 1 gear
Suitable environment: bedroom, living room, kitchen, study, office, etc.
Power: <800W
Heating Element: QUARTZ
Number of Speed Settings: >Fifth gear
Area Heated: <20㎡
Application: <10㎡
Certification: EMF / ETL /CSA/ CB/ CE/ UL/ EMC/ RoHS
Function: Adjustable Thermostat/ Ventilation/Remote Controlled/ Deodorization/ Overheat Protection

Package Included:
1 * Mini Fan Heater
1 * Remote Control

Additional information

Brand Name



BATHROOM,Bedroom,Garden,Living Room


Mainland China

Electric Heater Type

Fan Heater

Heating Element

Heating Wire

Model Number

Mini Electric Heater Fan

Area Heated


Voltage (V)





Adjustable Thermostat,Overheat Protection,Remote Controlled,Tip-Over Protection,Ventilation



Number of Speed Settings

>Fifth gear




Electric Warm Heater


with Remote Control



Plug Type

EU / UK / US Plug






Electric Heater Home


Heater for home


Air Electric Heater


Home appliances


induction heater


heater electric low consumption


heater 12v


heater electrics

Suitable environment

bedroom, living room, kitchen, study, office, etc.


  1. K***r

    The product is good. Very satisfying, The disadvantage is the fan noise. Noise comes out up to 60 ~ 70dB. Slightly lower than a vacuum cleaner? If only this is improved, it looks like the best product. I think we can spend warm this winter.

  2. F***e

    Product and good small, portable, very warm.

  3. B***

    The heating fan is OK, the heating effect is good, the quality is good, the quality is good, after testing, it is energy saving

  4. 태***

    It was fine in appearance. I used the heating at home. If you plug it into the outlet for five seconds while it’s not heating, it’s heating. It can be used when the weather is cold. I like it.

  5. 6***r

    I was worried about the paper box. Even in the box, the contents are It’s fine. The test results are a little nervous about the noise. The outlet shook and looked a little weak, It’s a pretty decent item for the price. Even if it’s small, I think I’ll definitely do my part. It is recommended ~~

  6. H***

    The heater is my favorite, there’s a hot hair dryer, there’s a timer. From the body side there is a switch, on the body panel also has the same button, the store packs reliably, shipping is not afraid to throw things away, even the corner of the box is not worn out. The remote was removed from the bag and the staff were very friendly and helpful. This type of heating is ideal for anyone who can quickly warm the baby’s room until the seasonal heating is turned on, having a bath to bathe the child, or have most families in the room. I recommend it. Thanks to the seller.

  7. M***

    Hot, can open to warm the room, not so cold, less electricity, protective cover, it’s safe, I like it very much, wrap my family and friends

  8. N***l

    To the cold has come, small, light, heats well, with its functions copes, the remote works… thanks

  9. Ю***а

    I recommend it to my uncle, I recommend it to you.

  10. 명***호

    The warm air machine recommended by a friend is convenient to use, the appearance is pretty, and the heated craze comes after it is warm and turned on. The warm air is fast. I’m going to buy a few and use them on my kids.

  11. T***n

    Good quality and cheap, in the bedroom, temperature increased rapidly, very satisfied.

  12. T***n

    Logistics speed is very fast. After receiving, plug in and use. It heats up quickly and is very good and quality. The design is very beautiful. Can be used in the living room, bedroom, and in the winter office.

  13. P***o

    Very good!

  14. 5***r

    I thought it was the same as the visual on the screen. I realized you were wrong. I said I will order. I gave up. The product did not come out as I wanted.

  15. E***e

    Pretty noisy and sounds like a computer fan, but it works fine and seems pretty safe.

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