New Racket Padel Professional Full Carbon, 3k, 12k, 18k Tennis Racket Outdoor Sports Men's and Women's Padel Racket with Bag

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*Product material: carbon fiber material, 3k material, 12k material, 18k material four kinds of racket material choices

*Product weight: 360+-5g

*Product length: 455mm

*Product width: 260mm

*Product thickness: 36mm

*Grip Material: Carbon Fiber

*Product name: AMA Padel racket

A strategically woven layer of carbon fiber gives the player the ability to hit with ultimate power.

BENEFIT:Enhanced flex and a strong impact feel.

Offering a cushioned feel with impressive shock absorption, this softer foam core produces impressive lightweight power for players seeking a blend of comfortable feel and easy pace.
BENEFIT: Soft & Accurate

High quality rubber to give more speed to your shots.
BENEFIT: Extra power

Diamond shape creates wider sweet spot higher up on padel racket face, appealing to more aggressive styles of play and creating more powerful smashes.
BENEFIT: Precision & Control

Hybrid weave composed of carbon and fiberglass ensures high tensile strength on the hitting surface without adding weight.
BENEFIT: Precise shot

How to choose the surface material of padel racket?

Here are 6 kinds of materials for your reference, any interest or questions, click online customer service!

daily maintenance:(1) avoid throwing the racket on the ground.(2) do not play ball on rainy days.(3) store at room temperature. The frame made of resin material is easily deformed under high temperature.(4) dry the racket handle promptly after sweating. For some leather cuffs, it is best to wash them regularly with soap.

Logistics method: use platform logistics for delivery, fast speed

Store features: our company can customize rackets, welcome overseas friends to consult

Additional information


Mainland China

Applicable People


Weight (g)

320-330g (Male)

Racket Face Classification

MP Racket Surface (Universal)

Racket Length Category

Regular Grade


Wide Rim (>28mm)


Round Egg Shaped (Central Back Sweet Point)

Balance Point

Light Tip (Intercept/Professional Type)

Model Number

beach tennis racket


Soft (Large Action/Force Player)

Length (cm)


Grip Material

Glass Fiber

Grip Size

4 1/2 (Big-hand Man)


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